PNK Co.,Ltd (Power, Nature and Know-how)

PNK Co.,Ltd is a newly registered in Myanmar and Sisters Company of Dana Nay Kyel Co, Ltd, Golden Father’s Land Co.,Ltd and HtooEnt Co.,Ltd but well experienced provider of Engineering and Construction in market sectors specially in Telecommunication Tower Construction ( Full Turn Key ) andBuilding Construction, Road Infrastructure.

PNK Co.,Ltd is committed to developing partnerships with its customers and holds a highly regarded reputation of doing business in a fair and honest manner with all their suppliers, subcontractors, professional peers and customers. We targeted ourselves in being one of the best global companies in our industry of installing thousands of towers.

We continue to provide extended value to all of our customers through innovation, foresight, and service by delivering high quality, cost-effective projects on schedule and within budget by employing motivated, skilled, flexible, and customer-oriented teams. It is Tower Systems, Inc. pledge to provide the finest tower installation, construction and maintenance services that will surpass the growing communication needs of the world.

Group of Company


Our values are central to the way we do business and they play a significant role in our organizational success.

At PNK Co.,Ltd, we value people who Work in collaboration with others in our organization and take pride in the achievements of the team;

  • Strive for improvement and innovation, and have the courage to think and actively contribute new initiatives;
  • Demonstrate integrity and responsibility through honest, respectful and transparent communication;
  • Strive for excellence in achieving their goals through strong leadership and commitment to the job at hand; and
  • Are responsible and accountable for the care and protection of their peers, the business, the communities in which we operate, and the environment.

PNK Co.,Ltd Infrastructure

PNK Co.,Ltd Infrastructure operates in Yangon and is one of leading providers of concept development, design, engineering procurement and project management as well as construction and maintenance activities.

PNK Co.,Ltd Infrastructure’s plant and construction capabilities also include civil, structural and mechanical services.

PNK Co.,Ltd Infrastructure has also been providing engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance services to road infrastructure businesses. The road infrastructure maintenance activity to the provision of efficient road network infrastructure management solutions.

Our experience covers public and private road assets, forestry road networks, access to recreational areas engineering. We provide services for the complete asset lifecycle and have established our reputation by utilizing our network of highly skilled consultants, planners and technical staff.

Our expertise is strengthened by continuously building and investing in our equipment and workforce to ensure we can offer our clients the most innovative and cost-efficient road solutions in the market. The team’s approach to business ensures resources are managed through a single project team, with clearly defined, fully accountable, management structures, that provide our clients with the benefits of seamless project delivery.

Project management is a core capability which enables us to operate effectively under a variety of client engagement models and at the center of these capabilities are effective systems, supported by targeted training, that capture cost, monitor resource usage and ensure the quality of the work we deliver meets required standards.

Business Practices

At PNK Co.,Ltd, we are proud of our reputation. We understand that our reputation is fundamental to our success. To underscore our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct, we have and abide to the Code of Ethics.

Our Code of Ethics is more than an expression of fundamental values. It represents the guiding values of PNK Co.,Ltd as a company, and also helps to instill ethically sound behavior and accountability among all PNK Co.,Ltd employees.

The underpinnings of ethical business practices at PNK Co.,Ltd are:

  • We will obey the law.
  • We will act in good faith.
  • We will consider the impact of our decisions on our stakeholders and seek fair resolutions.
  • We will communicate openly and effectively with our stakeholders.
  • We will seek always to build trust, show respect, and perform with integrity.

From time to time, the Code of Ethics will be revised to meet the ever changing business demands of the global community, but the Code will always serve as the cornerstone of our business.

Why Choose PNK Co.,Ltd?


As a leading company, PNK Co.,Ltd is able to tailor its services and support at all levels. We operate and deliver solutions locally, nationally, regionally, and globally, wherever it is needed. We draw upon our global expertise in order to apply “Best Practice” in designing, implementing, and maintaining whatever our client’s requirements. In addition, our presence means that PNK Co.,Ltd can provide a total solutions. The potential benefits of implementing for a global organization include more effective management of risks, consistent service levels and the ability to link remote systems into a central control point and ultimately cost savings.


PNK Co.,Ltd will actively participate in meetings at all levels of management, from executive-level meetings on all strategic issues, through to day-to-day site management meetings. PNK Co.,Ltd commits to being represented by the appropriate level of management in each case, and we confirm our intention to forge an active partnership with you.


PNK Co.,Ltd has a rigorous business continuity plan in place to safeguard service continuity to you in the event that we suffer an incident that affects our offices, communications, or systems.


PNK Co.,Ltd is strongly focused on promoting a high standard of Environmental Health & Safety Management. Our commitment can be summed up as “Safety First.”


We realize that ongoing innovation and quality assurance is essential and we provides a set of tools that allow us to:

  • Gather and measure customer feedback regarding product quality
  • Identify and leverage best practices for product design and manufacturing
  • Discover and measure the occurrence of any defects or problems
  • Categorize and prioritize the resolution of problems
  • Identify the root cause
  • Take action to eliminate the cause

It is a fundamental part of how we do business each and every day. It is through this commitment to continuous improvement that we are able to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers, year after year.

Environment, Health & Safety

Our Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Policy is not only good for the environment and our staff – it also serves to minimize your risk.

Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the natural environment is a core value within PNK Co. Ltd We will not be satisfied until our workplaces are safe from hazards, our employees are injury-free, our services and products are safe, and our commitment and record in regulatory compliance and protection of the environment are unmatched. Specifically, this policy requires to:

  • Strive to eliminate all employee injuries by ensuring that the workplace is free from hazards and unsafe action;
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and the policies, standards, and practices of the corporation;
  • Establish safety and environmental goals, and the business plans necessary to achieve these goals;
  • Provide accurate and timely measurement and reporting of performance;
  • Implement and periodically evaluate EH&S Management Systems in order to reduce risks and continually improve the effectiveness of our EH&S processes;
  • Integrate safety and environmental considerations into investment decisions, the design of services and products, and in all our dealings with suppliers and contractors;
  • Require all employees to adhere to these standards and provide management commitment of the means and resources necessary to lead, support, monitor, and maintain accountability for the implementation of this policy.

In all of the above, we seek and expect the involvement and contribution of our employees, and strive for continuous improvement.